Geelong might be the second largest city in Victoria, but we lead the way in dynamic new careers and industries. This is great news for our regional career seekers, and all those planning to move here to take advantage of Geelong’s attractive lifestyle, education and recreation choices.

Geelong’s career opportunities are just as inviting.

What is it like to work in Food and Fibre in Geelong?

A proud History. For thousands of years the Wathaurong people farmed yams and practised aquaculture at Bream Creek, now called Breamlea. By the mid 1800’s Geelong was riding high on wool and wheat. Refrigeration was invented in Geelong in 1850 by James Harrison, the founder and first editor of the Geelong Advertiser. Australia’s first woollen mills and cloth manufacturing facilities were born here. World leading innovation in Food and Fibre production continues in our region today.

Careers in Food and Fibre in the City: City Parks and Land Management, Horticulture, Recreation Services, Textile manufacturing, Ice cream Making, Bakers, Food and Food Service Production, Dairy and Cheese, Landscape Architects.

Animal and Plant Health Careers: Veterinary science, Animal and Plant Health Research, National Parks and Land Management, Forestry and Fishing, Compost production.

Farm Support Careers in IT, Finances, Education, Media, Science, International Business and Banking, Administration, Health and Safety, Transport and Logistics, and more.

Be Your Own Boss Careers: Farm Management, Deer Farming, Beef, Poultry, Viticulture, Bee Keeping, Kiwi Fruit Farming, Farm Gate Restaurant and Café management, Icecream manufacturing, Boutique Brewing, Cider or Gin Making, Farm tourism, Dairy, Boutique Dairy, Grain Farming.

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Food and Fibre in the City

  • Textile operators
  • Sewing machinists
  • Garden Labourers
  • Architects and Landscape Architects

Farm Support

  • Auctioneers, stock and station agents
  • Farm labourers
  • Wool buyers
  • Livestock workers
  • Agri plant operators

Be Your Own Boss

  • Farm Managers
  • Aquaculture Managers
  • Crop and Livestock Managers

Careers in Animal and Plant Health

  • Skilled Animal and horticultural Worker
  • Vet nurses

Food and Fibre

  • Aquaculture fish farming, Cotton, Grain, Livestock, Beef, Dairy, Goats, Lamb ,Sheep, Wool, Pork, Poultry, Egg, Cropping, Viticulture.

Use Geelong Careers’ live job feed position descriptions to gain an up to the minute guide to what employers value in experience, training and skills. Entry level jobs usually don’t require an ATAR or university degree, just aptitude and commitment. Traineeships enable you to start your career and learn on the job at the same time. Read more here

Geelong’s future is far reaching and surprising. Our top trending industries: health, education, agribusiness, logistics, ICT, advanced manufacturing, construction and hospitality continue to grow. These are joined by professional services, up 16.5%, administration and safety services, up 12.4%, and arts and recreation up 20%. Read more about Geelong here.

To be ready we have to plan. With Geelong’s population of 308,339 (2016) expected to grow by about a third again by 2031, Geelong Careers is committed to leading our region to prepare the work force we need to ensure our region continues to achieve its full potential.

Owner: Geelong Region Local Learning & Employment Network

Cover shot provided by Lynden Smith